Dear Davis Resident,

Thank you for your commitment to using water wisely!

(Note that the links will take you away from the City of Davis website: Your personalized water-saving recommendations are on the WaterInsight website maintained by our water efficiency partner, WaterSmart Software.)

It's easy to reduce your water use

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  • Understand your water use and how it compares.
  • Find easy and effective ways to save water and money, with step-by-step advice.
  • Customize the Action Plan developed for your household.

We are in a severe drought. To find out more about City water restriction, please click here.


“I had a leak and I didn’t even know it, until I got my Home Water Report. Thanks for helping me stay on top of my water use!”

    - M.C., customer


“My wife and I replaced our sprinklers and reprogrammed our irrigation schedule, and right away saved on our water bill. Thanks for providing the resources we needed to make this happen!”

    - P.G, customer